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Free 720 days AVG Internet Security 8.5 Genuine trail license for everyone(Updated)

Posted by blogger | Labels: Free 1 year Avg internet security 8.5, Free software promotions | Posted on Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Avg Internet security 8.5 for 720 days subscription(OEM) is now completly free as a promotion by Avg. You dont need to enter license key for using OEM versions. But its now available for completly free by this promotion. The trail version is for a period of 720 days(90 ×8), so you dont need to enter any license key for 720 days. Please note that this 720 days subscription means 90 days subscription of 8 oem installers.
Analysis of Avg Internet Security 8.5
Avg internet security 8.5 is faster than security suites available in the market. Avg internet security 8.5 detects and removes all kinds of threats like malware, rootkits, virus, spyware, keyloggers etc on real time. It comes with a powerful firewall too. But its behavioural base of malware detection is not very successful. Virus signature updations are very low when compared to norton or bitdefender. It only gives about 50-60 virus signature updates while norton gives 6000 signature updates per month. Interferace of Avg internet security 8.5 is clean and clear. But Avg internet security 8.5 is considered as one of the best internet security suites in the market. Please follow the simple steps below to get Avg internet security 8.5 for completly free for 720 days.
3.) Just Download and install it. Now enjoy AVG internet security 8.5 free for 720 days.
Download all these 8 installers. Then install any one installer(like suncorpo) from 8 installers. Uninstall it before the trail expiry of each installers. Thats install any 1(one) installer like anz(anz promo) at this time and before the trail expiry of 90 days, disconnect the internet and un install it and install another installer(like ausgamer or any). Continue this process on all 8 installers.( Thats install each installers one by one with 89 days interval) You must un install each installer before it expired. Share this post to your friends.


blogger said...

i Updated this avg promotion. Its now 630 days! Thats 7oem with 90 days each trail subscription.

blogger said...

its now 720 days! Enjoy

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