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Free 6 months Mcafee Internet Security 2009 license for everyone

Posted by blogger | Labels: Free Mcafee internet security suite 2009, Free software promotions | Posted on Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mcafee Internet Security suite 2009 is now free for 6 months as a promotion with lenova. Please follow the steps below carefully.Mcafee Internet Security suite 2009 is one of the top Internet security suites. It includes Mcafee siteadvisor which helps you to detect harmful and phishing websites. Mcafee internet security 2009 is faster than its previous versions. It comes with an powerful firewall. You can lock the firewall with just one click. Mcafee active protection detects new threats online. whenever a new threat is discovered and added to online Mcafee master virus database, it blocks threats in your pc by sending updates whenever a new update is available(Real time updates). It also comes with nice file shredding feature. It also comes with advanced parent control features like filtering web content using keywords and even setup and customize filters for every users.

Main drawbacks of Mcafee is lack of enough customer support. They don't offer any toll free support, online user manual and forum(may hidden) . Some users tells problems on firewall.


1.) Go to the special promotional page from here free mcafee internet security 2009 promo

2.) You are asked to enter media code. Enter pol as media code and click on verify button.


3.) After this, click on 'Agree And Proceed' button

4.) Fill the forum completely and provide a valid working email address (to receive confirmation email). Enter any number as NRIC/PASSPORT number. You are required to enter serial number and product number. SEARCH for lenova serial number and product numbers in google.


Or change the last some letters of serial numbers and product numbers may work.

5.) Go to your email inbox that you entered in form and you will see an email from lenova. Then confirm the purchase (free) by clicking on confirmation link that mentioned on email. Then you are forwarded to special downloading page of Mcafee Internet security 2009.

6.) Click on Download Now button to download free 6 months Mcafee internet security suite 2009
7.) Now create a free Mcafee account by filling form. After filling the form hit Read privacy policy button or login, if you have an account

8.)Then you are directed to Mcafee Privacy policy page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on I Agree button.

9.) Then you are directed to the end user agreement page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on I Agree button.

10.)Now click 'Go to my account' link on print receipt page. Don't close this webpage.

11.)Now check your email inbox, that you have used for the creation Mcafee account. You should see an email from Mcafee (subscriptions@mcafee.com) which contains your activation link. Click on the activation link which mentioned on this email.

12.) Then Go back to the web browser where you left it open (in step 10.)

13.) Click on ' I Agree' button .

14.) click on download button. ( See image below)
Download (DMsetup.exe) and install it. I know that this process is bit lengthy. Please post comments, if there is any doubt.


stupizz said...

There is an problem: it requireds me Mobile Phone Number and when I typed a random line, it did not work and the web page became blank or can not access.
Please help me.

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